Monday, October 19, 2009

Chartreuse Baby!

It was scary at first. Chartreuse is a favorite color in small doses like pottery or pillows but using it on a piece of furniture in my house? I'm always admiring pictures of rooms with lots of color, but I seem to play it safe. Well, when I came across this hutch at the Salvation Army for only $30 I couldn't pass it up.

It was veneer and damaged, but I liked the lines of it (no is wasn't a coveted Danish modern teak or anything). What would it hurt to experiment? It was too scratched to repair the wood and my kitchen couldn't take the heavy dark wood especially because if you look closely it's a smidge too big for the wall. Painting the base of it white visually toned down the size, but I wanted to reserve a portion for color. Painting the inset of the door and the drawer faces seemed like the perfect solution.

If I want to change it later, it's just a minor fix, but for now I'm satisfied.


  1. It's stunning Wendy! It's just the right amount of snappy color. How funny we both had a post about redoing hutches. Yours is a much better deal to be sure. Good eye!

  2. It looks so much better!
    I think it would be interesting if the panel on the door had a screen or something, or maybe a panel of cork, that could be cool.

  3. Thanks. I actually tried to put a grass cloth-like wallpaper on the face of all three, but couldn't get it to stick and gave up. I might try something again later.