Thursday, August 13, 2009

Lockheed Fire!!!!

So my mom just called as I was updating my Etsy and asked if I was OK. I said,"What do you mean?" She replied, "Well I just got a call from my friend in England and she said she heard on the news that there was a fire somewhere in California that she thought was near us. " I paused, went outside with my phone and this is what I saw.

Keep in mind I'm looking toward my house from the street. This is behind my house. Apparently it has a name already. It's called the Lockheed fire. The smoke is being blown toward Santa Cruz.

Organizing- Have You Seen My Keys?

Can't find your keys? Consider old things in a new way. A divided plate can be used by the door or on your dresser to hold important items. They're hard to miss here!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

DYI-New Life to a Vintage Mirror

Whether I needed a new one or not, I saw this mirror and was itching to do a DYI project. This mirror had some pretty detailing, but was a little drab for my taste.

Now, updated and fresh this color makes me happy. It only took about 20 minutes

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Clear off the table

A few months ago I asked my mom where her Dansk green glass votive holders were and she said "Oh, I got rid of those a while ago." As a kid we made regular trips to the Dansk store in Carmel and I really didn't get why my mom was so interested in dishes, flatware and candles. Well, now I get it. I didn't cry to hear they were gone, but I was a little excited when I saw 5 of them yesterday at the thrift store.We used them originally with those fat round ball candles but they work perfectly well with my tea lights which I already have zillions of. It got me to clear papers off the table which unfortunately has to be used as a desk sometimes in my small house.

I'm also kind of liking the simplicity of this vintage Danish stainless and wood serving dish I picked up too. It's definitely a better alternative to the big bowl of bananas.

Monday, August 3, 2009

Morning Craigs List Run

This morning my friend Amy who is forever on Craigs List knew I was looking for a room divider so that my boys who share a room can have have separated spaces. She found a freebie this morning. Six Doors from an IKEA cabinet or cabinets that are 66" high. They are the perfect size for making a hinged room divider.
I went into town thinking that they had probably been nabbed already, but found all six up against a bush covered with a tarp. I thought they were gone, but turned around to take a second look. I will come up with something and post about it later. Being in the area, I took the opportunity to sit on the cliffs overlooking the ocean for a bit. I love it in the morning before the crowds come.
The colors of the Boardwalk brighten a foggy morning