Sunday, March 7, 2010


Finally got around to covering this Thonet "Snodgrass" chair that I love because of the chrome and modern lines. It was originally covered in a nice rust fabric that was spotted and also wasn't quite the right color here. The original fabric is still underneath and slip covered. The neutral color will allow me to experiment with different pillows. This one adds a punch of color and is entirely from vintage fabrics.

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  1. Wendy, just call me an airhead. You left a comment on my blog on Oct 25, 2009. Can you believe I just found it now. I don't check my older posts but started to yesterday and I have found quite a few including yours. I am so sorry. My post was about the WWII bombing of Santa Barbara. And I agree with you, I'm glad of the internet so we can prove what our parents and grandparents told us :)

    Love the chair!!!