Saturday, November 7, 2009

40 years ago...

I uncovered a San Francisco Chronicle from July 25th 1969 that my family had stored away years ago. Unfortunately it's now very tattered. The big story that day was the moon landing and the safe return of the astronauts.They were pulled out of the water onto the U.S.S. Hornet that is now a permanent fixture in the San Francisco Bay.

I remember sitting on the couch in my flannel pajamas watching the moon landing on our small black and white t.v. while my dad served us those Pop and Fresh rolls with the orange frosting that he'd made for the event. It's a very strong food memory I have even 40 years later.
Anyway, perusing through the paper, I came across a few interesting things. There were some articles of course related to Vietnam and even one about the Kennedy/"Chappaquiddick" incident that had apparently taken place the week before. Would you believe the lifeguards in Santa Cruz were on strike demanding a 40 cent pay raise.
On a lighter note I was amused by the local advertisements and events for that week.
San Francisco held a ticker tape parade in celebration of the astronauts' return that National TV network announcers deemed "The Greatest" of all others. Sirens, firecrackers and car horns were heard along Montgomery Street and apparently among the crowd were "...a few mini skirted secretaries and office girls, but mostly young stockbrokers in their sincere uniform of the day, conservative business suits" Seriously? Mayor Alioto in a telegram to the astronauts stated "San wishes to open her Golden Gate in tribute to your magnificent achievement."

Finally, a little bit about style:

Wrap around sunglasses inspired by the astronauts? I wonder if they ever really "took off"

Roos Atkins- Oh goodness, a pants suit

Pier One Imports with a Very Simple Advertising Campaign

Montgomery Ward
I Magnin

Oh yes, my mother thought it was very important for me to have the newest plaid dresses. No pants to school.

My dad was an optometrist and I loved to try on frames, but unfortunately I had perfect vision back then.

Darn! Frances was on vacation.

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  1. What an amazing find! How much fun did you have paging through the paper??

    How time changes. The Pier 1 ad, the wraparound glasses, and the plaid jumpers. Oh, nostalgia.

    Fun to read! Thanks.