Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Project Awaiting

My latest acquisition of vintage items waiting for a little sprucing up. I never find anything with hairpin legs, but found these two in separate places within one week. The desk and chair make a good set. The smaller table may become a plant stand. The other thing? Well, that is to be determined.

After cleaning up the chair it seems to be in really good condition. Holes remain where there had once been an attached pad, but that's an easy fix. At $5, who can complain?

The desk will take a little more doing. The top had been covered in dark contact paper and judging by the horizontal ribs around the edge I'm guessing there may have been a metal trim at one time. I'll have to decide whether to paint in a color or to simulate the metal trim by using a silver metallic paint.

Don't ask me why. It just intrigued me. The inner can is removable to reveal the mesh outer cylinder. The gold zigzag trim is weirdly removable too. Trash Can? Umbrella stand? It's quite an odd, but useful thing.

I love Mid Century Modern, but I'm a little inspired by the eclectic nature of these desk and chair sets by Dottie Angel

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